Rebekah in the Rain (teneraestnox) wrote in carebearicons,
Rebekah in the Rain

Rainbow Brite

I've made some Rainbow Brite icons. In case anyone wanted to make use of them they can be found here.


And just because I feel guilty, here's a Care Bear icon for you. Granted it is rather funky, but care bear nonetheless...

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Ohh i was just watching Rainbow Brite :D They are SO CUTE, i love the Care bears movie #2
xo R.
lol, thanks!
Aaw... I love the Care Bears movie #2 as well. In fact I even bought the DVD of it on the weekend ;)

That Care Bear icon is gorgeous ;)
Thanks! I completely own both movies on DVD.. Right now I'm trying to convince mother that I need Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland... Hehe =P
Ooh yes, I love that one too. I don't think that's been released in Australia yet though, darn it... I love the rap Grumpy does at the end though, so cute ;)
ooooohhh.... cuteness...